Timelessly inspired, endlessly enhanced- RENÉE Cosmetics is an Indian makeup brand that's redefining beauty with its range of high quality, cruelty-free and FDA-approved innovative range of products. RENÉE believes in empowering women to own and enjoy their bold, ambitious persona and let their glam do the talking.

The art of cosmetics is a true liberator and a beautiful form of expressing oneself in tones and shades. We seek inspiration from timeless beauty and transform it to meet the needs of the modern woman.

Our Philosophy

RENÉE - Renatus - Reborn

Upon new wings, our name takes flight. Soaring and surpassing old definitions of beauty, art and expression. Empowering women to reinvent themselves; redefining how they desire to showcase their persona.

The turn of the millennia gave rise to a new message in women's understanding of beauty. While the techniques have changed, a woman expressing herself through the art of cosmetics is ageless. We, at RENÉE, aim to create a sensation in the cosmetic industry with innovation like never before. We bring to the modern women of India new age makeup with quality, colors and class unparalleled. RENÉE aims to recognize makeup as your undiluted strength. We formulate each of our products to meet your needs and suit your demands, designed to empower and inspire you to own your beauty with enhanced confidence.

We led the way for novelty into the beauty industry bringing in products that revolutionized makeup forever. Extending our horizons with innovation, we launched FAB 5, 5 in 1 lipstick; sparkling the fire of possibility with shades that stunningly fit every mood and occasion. Fab Face, the first of its kind to encapsulate the essence of eyes, cheeks and lips, in a single stroke of perfection. See Me Shine lip glosses, Pointy End Sketch pen eyeliner and many more.

Enough is not an option for women who won't settle for less, and we abide by it. RENÉE is a new beginning. Your rebirth.