RENEE Brushes Set of 10




  • Easy to hold for precise application
  • Cruelty-free, uber soft bristles
  • Suitable for all kinds of makeup products
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Get ready to cast a magical spell on everyone with RENÉE’s range of Makeup Brushes. Your whole makeup game changes when you have the right kind of a makeup brush in your hands and our makeup brushes move on your skin just as you please. Curated by expert makeup professionals, these brushes are tailored to highlight your hidden features and ooze that spark. Moreover, these are cruelty-free and made with uber soft bristles that make sure you get your perfectly blended look with ease. Go for that dazzle on your eyes or the rosiness on your cheeks with our outstanding collection of makeup brushes, because it’s time to make your makeup routine an easy-breezy affair filled with self-love and confidence.


RENÉE’s Makeup Brush Combo has got you covered for all your face-sculpting and makeupblending needs. Each brush is made with uber soft bristles keeping in the mind the sensitive skin of your face. They complete your unblemished makeup look and alleviate the structure of your face. Grab this amazing combo and brush up your makeup game, today!


Once you get that perfect base, applying other layers of makeup follows easily. That is exactly what our round foundation brush is here to help you with. It is so soft and moves so smoothly that you will almost feel the gentle brush of air on your face. It gives a quick and even finish, prepping your skin for other products.


Fill your eyes with the beauty of colourful shades with our eyeshadow brush. No matter the creamy, matte or powdery texture of the product, this brush gives a perfect blend and ensures a seamless application. You can also use this to define your lower lash or go for that cut-crease look that brings out the poise in your eyes.


Fill your eyes with the beauty of colourful shades with our eyeshadow brush. No matter the creamy, matte or powdery texture of the product, this brush gives a perfect blend and ensures a seamless application. Experiment with different shades or go for the classic smokey eye and let your striking eyes leave everyone in awe of your look.


Create a well put together look with our easy to use eyebrow brush. It allows you to shape your brows the way you want it. Groom your eyebrows and create a bushy look or a slick one and get ready for some brow chica wow wow!


Contouring is an art technique that really brings your whole makeup look together and our contour brush is here to help you nail that art. It is your go-to for a flawlessly sculpted and chiseled face. Get your cheekbones, jaw-line and nose on fleek with this contour brush and define the shape of your face with utmost precision.


With our fan brush, you get to add an exotic finish to your face that spreads out naturally and evenly. This fashionably sleek fan brush with sharp edges is all you need for carefully merging all those makeup layers together. It can also be used to gently brush away excess makeup and cover up any visible lines. Create a softer, classier look with our fan brush and watch all your makeup woes blend away!


Our round-shaped, super soft blush brush is here to give more definition to your face. The bristles on this magic wand are as soft as a cloud, making it an ideal use for every product. With our blush brush, nothing can stop you from getting that naturally beautiful flush!


Bid farewell to all your makeup imperfections and say hello to an impeccably concealed complexion with our concealer brush. It is perfectly designed to reach all difficult-to-access areas of the face that make it your makeup kit must-have. With our concealer brush, say goodbye to your fear of not getting your desired makeup glow!


Our powder brush is a round, fluffy brush that smoothly but firmly evens out the powder on your face giving it an even and enhanced look. You can also use it to soften out the lines of unwanted products and give your makeup a more natural-looking effect!


Our blending brush is definitely the right choice when you need those extra makeup lines blurred out. It is round and soft and perfect for mixing two of your favourite shades together. It softens your makeup and gives your face a perfectly balanced look. Get your blending brush and become the master of the blending art.


Q) Are Renée brushes easy to clean?

A) Yes, Renée brushes are easy to clean.


Q) Do Renée brushes blend the makeup properly?

A) Yes, Renée brushes are curated to blend the makeup easily and properly.


Q) How many Renée brushes are available?

A) Renée offers 10 makeup brushes for all your makeup needs.

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