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Renee - Renatus - Reborn

Upon new wings, our name takes flight. Soaring and surpassing old definitions of beauty, art and expression. 

Empowering women to reinvent themselves; redefining how they desire to showcase their persona.


The turn of the millennia gave rise to a new message in women's understanding of beauty. You look beautiful as you are. Natural is better. No need for makeup.” Bewilderingly, these lofty slogans were peddled by global makeup brands. Their calls echoed through the world in what appeared to be solidarity, but the intent of the message fell flat as women still desired a means of enhancing their features. While the techniques have changed, a woman expressing herself through the art of cosmetics is ageless. 


Our lashes and applicators took the market by storm. 3D, handcrafted, and cruelty-free, the Renee lashes could be seen everywhere and orders couldn't be filled fast enough to meet demand. Women everywhere not only loved the feel and look, they loved what they brand stood for. The flower was out-growing the garden.  


Introducing the Kohlistic Eye Range - 11 shades of striking kajal that seize the moment and wield it into your control. You are the master. The moment is your slave. The entire Kohlistic Eye Range feature our most innovative formulations and cater specifically to the powerful women of today - takers of risk and reapers of reward. Confident in their boldness and determined in their resolve. Renee isn't another makeup brand imploring you to be satisfied in mediocrity. Renee is a new beginning. Your rebirth. 





Timelessly inspired and endlessly enhanced.

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